例如:orange very American paragraph forest spirit 5-08 六、元音字组在重读音节中的读音 元音字组 读 音 例 词 编 号 ai/ay [ei] afraid rain wait day play 6-01 air [ε] air hair chair pair repair 6-02 al al在f m前 [:] small ball talk wall all 6-03 [:l] always also salt almost 6-04 [α:] half calm 6-05 au/aw [:] autumn daughter draw 6-06 ea [i:] teach easy cheap please 6-07 [e] heavy bread sweater weather 6-08 [ei] break great 6-09 ear [i] hear dear near clear year 6-10 [ε] bear pear wear swear 6-11 [:] earth learn early 6-12 ee [i:] jeep week green three 6-13 eer [i] pioneer deer beer 6-14 ei/ey [ei] eight neighbour they 6-15 eu/ew 在 j l r 后 [ju:] new few newspaper 6-16 [u:] flew brew jewelry 6-17 ie/[s]音后拼写为ei [i:] piece field receive seize 6-18 oa [ou] coat Joan boat goal 6-19 oar/oor [:] roar board door floor 6-20 oi/oy [i] noise point boy toilet 6-21 oo [u:] broom food tooth school 6-22 [u] book look cook foot good 6-23 ou/ow [au] flower house count down 6-24 [u] know row throw though 6-25 [] young country enough 6-26 [u:] group you soup through 6-27 our [:] course your four 6-28 [au] our hour ours 6-29 [:] journey 6-30 ui ui 在j l r s后 [ju:i] fluid suicide tuition 6-31 [u:] juice fruit suit 6-32 九、辅字组的读音 辅字组 读 音 例 词 编 号 b [b] bike bus bag 9-01 [/] bomb tomb lamb climb 9-02 c c在e前或在i/y前 [k] cake picture coat music 9-03 [s] face decide cinema 9-04 ch [] much chick rich teacher 9-05 [k] school headache chemistry 9-06 [] machine Chicago 9-07 -ck [k] cock pocket black knock 9-08 d [d] doctor bread hand day 9-09 -dge [] bridge fridge 9-10 dr- [dr] children driver drink 9-11 f [f] five four breakfast 9-12 g g在e i/y前 [] bag gardon go 9-13 [] orange large German 9-14 -gh gh- [f] cough enough rough 9-15 [] sorghum spaghetti ghost 9-16 gu- -gue [] guess league dialogue guitar 9-17 [w] language anguish penguin 9-18 h [h] hot head house hand 9-19 [/] hour honest honor 9-20 j [] jeep jar joke join July 9-21 k [k] kind bike skate make week 9-22 kn- [n] knife know knock 9-23 l [l] life milk school tall 9-24 m [m] monkey come tomato 9-25 -mn [m] autumn column solemn 9-26 n n在[k] [g]音前 [n] not shine ten note 9-27 [?] uncle thank hungry 9-28 -ng [?] morning young wrong 9-29 p [p] paper plane pig ship pen 9-30 ph [f] elephant photo telephone 9-31 -q/-que [k] Iraq cheque 9-32 qu- [kw] quality quite quarter 9-33 r [r] red rubber ruler 9-34 s在音节开头或清辅音前 在元音字母间或浊辅音前 [s] sit sleep desk 9-35 [z] music husband 9-36 sc- [sk] scarlet scout Scotland 9-37 [s] muscle science 9-38 sh [] she fish shirt wash 9-39 t在通常情况下 在弱读字母ia ie io前 [t] ten letter meet 9-40 [] patient nation 9-41 tch [] watch catch match 9-42 th在通常情况下 在冠词 代词 介词 连词中 在词尾-the -ther中 [θ] thin thirty method 9-43 [e] the these with than 9-44 [e] clothe father weather 9-45 tr- [tr] tree train country truck 9-46 v [v] very voice love leave 9-47 w [w] week win wake sweet wait 9-48 [/] answer two 9-49 wh- wh-在字母o前 [w] what when white why 9-50 [h] who whose whole 9-51 x 在重读元音前 [ks] box text exercise 9-52 [gz] example exist exact 9-53 wr- [r] write wrong wrist 9-54 y- [j] yes yard yellow young 9-55 z [z] puzzle zero zoo 9-56。



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